How do I save/backup playlists?

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How do I save/backup playlists?

Postby Definite Jiving on 08 Apr 2018, 03:40

Some months ago I posted about experiencing crackling, garbled sound, and slowing down of playing tracks while searching through the Cross DJ database for next tracks. (viewtopic.php?f=395&t=38736) Even without going through menus or touching any controls, playback still often crackles.

There has not been any resolution to this issue; no bug fix has been issued to correct it.

I'm considering doing a factory reset in hopes of resolving the problem, but it would be a lot of work reconstructing all the data files I have stored on my tablet. The most important data to be saved is my playlists. How can I backup my playlists so they can 100% guaranteed be read by Cross DJ after a factory reset?
Definite Jiving
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Re: How do I save/backup playlists?

Postby Team@Mixvibes on 08 Apr 2018, 21:18

Hi Definite Jiving,

Sorry that we didn't respond to your last issue. You mention that you are using Cross DJ 3.2.2 in the original post. Have you been able to update to version 3.2.5? It and the two updates in-between were supposed to have some fixes and enhancements. If you are up to date and still have the issue, please let me know the Android OS version currently on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, or is it still 7.0?

My Android device is acting up right now (bad battery I think) so I can't actually test this, but since Cross DJ uses the same Android media database as the Google Play Music app, you would want to find where the Play Music app stores the playlist files (if that is even possible).

I was also able to find some free apps that can back up your playlists from Google Play Music, which might be the only option if you cannot find the playlist files manually.

Adam @Mixvibes
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