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Postby IBOBGG on 04 Dec 2017, 14:30

The club l work in has installed Large led Tvs, so i've moved to Cross DJ for VJing.

I'm using a 13" Retina Mac powerbook Early 2015.
3.1 GHZ i7 . Memory 16gb
os Sierra
Latest Cross.

Computer is in very good condition, but is struggling to do a 5 hour set. Video is always jittery from the beginning. As the night goes on, the audio will start to 'crunch" and audio will also drop out. Im using 2 decks and 2 samplers display. The cpu is 150 - to over 200 in the Activity monitor. No other apps is draining the cpu at the the same time.
WIFI IS OFF BLUE TOOTH OFF. Videos are from Smash Vidz. All payed for subscription. No apps running in background.

I've been trying to problem solve this for 3 weeks now. I've ended up doing a clean install - My Mac now has nothing on it apart from CrossDj and a few files. Ive been Djing music with a different set up for now, and using Cross to play only video Loops(no audio) with Titler. Even with this set up, it doesn't work/ struggles. The app crashed on Friday night too.

I've run out of ideas now. My mac is otherwise stable. But cannot work out where the problem is after a clean wipe and install.

I'm thinking of buying a new mac, subsidised by the nightclub as i need it to work 5 nights a week asap.

QUESTIONS - Will a brand new Powerbook 4.1GHz 3.2GB/s
SSD handle Cross DJ for Vjing 100% smoothly without any issues ?
The Club audio technician (doesn't know Cross), and his primary question is 'How do we know if Cross DJ will perform on a brand new powerbook?"

My logical conclusion is that it will. However, we cannot test run this combination anywhere first. Is anyone running Cross on a brand new powerbook and using it for Vjing?

Thanks in advance.
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Postby RoJeC on 05 Dec 2017, 01:15

Audio has priority over video as audio distortion is more noticable. Increasing latency would be the first step to do. This will also reduce cpu load that might become available to video.


downloads + more forums = Register license(ucp.php?i=169)
Apple store new user? first read viewtopic.php?f=259&t=34199
Manual? In Cross open menu, select Help (available 24/7).
Audio dropouts? Increase audio 'buffer size' value.
FAQ iOS / Android / PC / MAC http://www.mixvibes.com/FAQ/
Soundcard not available/working? Try the 32bit version of Cross (is also installed).
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Postby IBOBGG on 05 Dec 2017, 15:06

I have tried the buffer/latency setting. I've been through all the Preferences with our Club technician.
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