Cross DJ Android suggestion: Volume faders next to the decks

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Cross DJ Android suggestion: Volume faders next to the decks

Postby mosquit on 11 Jan 2014, 18:51


Sometimes, when I'm playing a track on a deck and preparing another track on the deck 2, after searching the cue point to start via pre-listening mode and seeking using the deck I forget to pump up the volume (yeah, I know, I know, perhaps I have to practice much more with the app...).

Using a DJ controller with your laptop, I think, it's more visual to see at which point you are, you see the basic faders and quickly you know where you are or if you need to pump up the volume or not, checking the track while you're on prelistening or something else involved on a live gig.

Actually, Cross DJ app for Android seems to have enough free space to add a pair of faders. Here I attached a modified screenshot (sorry, I'm not a genius at Photoshop but to get an idea what I'm talking about I think it's clear...)

What do you think?

Thanks! :)
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Re: Cross DJ Android suggestion: Volume faders next to the decks

Postby Nordhal on 16 Jan 2014, 14:44

Hi Mosquit,

I'll report your suggestion, but it's not really true that Android app has so much space.

Your screen device seems to have, yes, but what about another one? With control bar on the right (As it is the case in nexus 4, or nexus 5 for example).

Surely, it can be good to always have the volume fader and consequently the vumeter, but we need to think a bit more about this.

Damn Android and it's 10000000+ screen configs !
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Re: Cross DJ Android suggestion: Volume faders next to the decks

Postby mosquit on 16 Jan 2014, 19:21

Hi Nordhal,

Thanks for your response.

Yes, you're right, testing on the Nexus 4, you can easily see there's not much space on the screen (and even there are smaller screens... shame...). The screenshot that I uploaded is from a 7" tablet.

I am a wedding DJ and, after testing Cross DJ several times, I found it very useful and handy, specially if you have to play some tracks on a unusual space. This is why I suggested the volume fader next to the decks: to find the correct cue point avoiding the scratching sound.

For example, when you analyze a track, I don't know why, but Cross DJ often creates the default cue points at the second or third beat -at least in my case- (it's a perfect example the uploaded image).

When you're on air and you load a track on a deck and you need to start this track from the beginning, you can use the scratching as a "quick rewind", but prior to do this, you need to silence that deck to avoid the scratching sound. That means, actually, you have to click on the equalizer button to access to the fader, put down the volume, click again on the equalizer to get access to the decks, using the prelistening search the point (point 0 of a track or moving to another position to skip an intro or anything else). Cueing that point, click again on the equalizer button, up volume and finally Play (or coming back to the decks and finally click Play).

The suggestion I made was basically to avoid all the steps explained above. But, yes, I see your point, there are thousands of screen configs.

And, what about releasing two versions of the app: one designed for phones and another one designed only for tablets slightly different (like the Photoshop app)?

... and about phablets... touché... I don't know where they can fit better...

Many thanks to read the full post (and sorry! I know this post was looooong like the first Hobbit movie...)
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