NI X1 Mk2 & Z1 Mapping?


NI X1 Mk2 & Z1 Mapping?

Postby MrJL on 15 Jun 2017, 08:27


Does anyone have a working map with LED for a NI X1 Mk2 & Z1 setup? Might be able to pick up both cheap from a friend so interested if anyone has a map I can use if I do buy them.

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Re: NI X1 Mk2 & Z1 Mapping?

Postby victorrde on 04 Jul 2017, 21:36

It seems that the updates for Cross have died.
Already long ago this kontrol x1 mk2 and kontrol f1 in the market and there are no updates or support.
Already half a year ago they do not introduce news or updates in Cross.
In my case I have these two controllers, due to the lack of maps and updates I decided to switch to Traktor. A pity!

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