Serato-Style slicer with Akai LPD8


Serato-Style slicer with Akai LPD8

Postby guitarplaya608 on 19 Apr 2017, 22:46

Would anybody happen to have a mapping for the Akai LPD8 to act as a Serato-style slicer? It's alot to ask but worth asking! If not, does anybody have instructions to map one, and taking it one step further, mapping the LEDs to match when you activate them?
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Re: Serato-Style slicer with Akai LPD8

Postby FigDJ on 20 Apr 2017, 14:35

Ok the command to trigger a slicer is

In fam(Sampler)[0x1].TriggerNewHotBankControl (Integer) == "Trigger New Hot Bank"

There are 2 types of Hot bank(slicer)
The normal one (Serato style) triggers with integer 0
The harmonic one (key goes up with every pad) triggers with integer 1

Below is an example code for the Serato style slicer. This can be done in code or using MIDI learn but it must be assigned to a separate button not a pad.

Code: Select all
        <mapping name="SLICER1 CH1 (P11-L)">
            <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x20" channel="0x1"/>
            <control alias="fam(Sampler)[0x1].TriggerNewHotBankControl"/>
          <preset name="Direct Integer Button">
              <parameter object="action-0" key="integer" value="0"/>
              <parameter object="dispatch" key="interpretCCasNote" value="off"/>

The example above Triggers a slicer using Sampler 1.
In operations lets assume couple things for the sake of explaining how it works.

Your track is playing on deck A and you come up to a section that you want to slice.

Action: You Press the button assigned to slicer.
Cross response: Takes the value at which your deck A is set for auto-loop (let say auto-loop is set for 2 beats) and create 8 samples of 2 beats each subsequent to each other.

If your auto-loop is set to 2, then Cross create8 samples of 2 beats each and load them in the sampler.

Pad1=beats 1-2
Pad2=beats 3-4
Pad3=beats 5-6
Pad4=beats 7-8
Pad5=beats 9-10
Pad6=beats 11-12
Pad7=beats 13-14
Pad8=beats 15-16
So now you created a 16 beat slicer
If your auto-loop is set to 4 then 4 X 8=32 beat slicer.

The harmonic one works a little different in that it takes the same sample (lets say 2 beats) and load it in all the pads but each pad play 1 semitone (key) higher than the previous one. so it is the same 2 beats played at eight different keys.

In Slicer mode your pads will trigger the sample as long as they are the sample control command example below

Code: Select all
        <mapping name="SLICER1 (P1-L)">
            <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x20" channel="0x8"/>
            <control alias="fam(Sampler)[0x1].Pad1Control"/>
          <preset name="Holder Button">
              <parameter object="invert" key="on" value="off"/>

In my controller this is pad1 assigned to trigger Sample pad 1 while in slicer mode. This can also be done via MIDI learn.

In order for the LED to trigger as you press them the following code needs to be mapped
Code: Select all
          <control alias="fam(Sampler)[0x1].Pad1Control" value="true"/>
          <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x20" channel="0x8" value="127"/>
          <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x30" channel="0x8" value="127"/>
          <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x20" channel="0xa" value="127"/>
          <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x30" channel="0xa" value="127"/>
          <control alias="fam(Sampler)[0x1].Pad1Control" value="false"/>
          <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x20" channel="0x8" value="0"/>
          <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x30" channel="0x8" value="0"/>
          <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x20" channel="0xa" value="0"/>
          <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x30" channel="0xa" value="0"/>

This part must be done in code as there is no MIDI learn for LEDs.

The reason I am lighting up or turning off 4 different LEDs is because I use 4 different sample modes.

2 Deck 2 Samplers while in Controller Deck 1
Mode 1=Slicer Mode
Mode 2=Sampler Mode
2 Deck 2 Samplers while in controller Deck 3
Mode 3=Slicer Mode
Mode 4=Sampler Mode
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