Mapping for neddle drop and jog leds


Mapping for neddle drop and jog leds

Postby Coval_pl on 20 Oct 2016, 00:39

DJ-KONTROL3 - MIDI tables.pdf
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Hello everybody,

I have bought new controller. It's JB Sysytems DJ Kontrol 3 (it looks the same like Resident DJ Kontrol 3), It's really nice piece of hardware and i have to make a mapping for Cross DJ. I asked JB Sysytem support for MIDI input-output table fo rthis controller and they send me PDF containig the table. I have almost all leds mapped except for a needle drop leds and jog wheel leds.
I spend whole evenig searching forum and the internet for any information or example files how to do that, but I failed.
Is anybody who can help me?
I'll share this mapping when it's done of course.
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Re: Mapping for neddle drop and jog leds

Postby Coval_pl on 22 Oct 2016, 23:38

Needledrop LEDs are working. I found I have to use a "Map" or "FillingMap" for LEDs represented as separate notes. This is a part of mapping for needle drop:
Code: Select all
 <control alias="fam(Player)[0x2].NeedleSearch" value="%"/>
  <MIDI fillingMap="true"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x36" channel="0x01" value="0x7f"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x37" channel="1" value="127"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x38" channel="1" value="127"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x39" channel="1" value="127"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x3a" channel="1" value="127"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x3b" channel="1" value="127"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x3c" channel="1" value="127"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x3d" channel="1" value="127"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x3e" channel="1" value="127"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x3f" channel="1" value="127"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x40" channel="1" value="127"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x36" channel="1" value="0x0"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x37" channel="1" value="0x0"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x38" channel="1" value="0x0"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x39" channel="1" value="0x0"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x3a" channel="1" value="0x0"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x3b" channel="1" value="0x0"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x3c" channel="1" value="0x0"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x3d" channel="1" value="0x0"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x3e" channel="1" value="0x0"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x3f" channel="1" value="0x0"/>
  <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x40" channel="1" value="0x0"/>

"Map" lights up only one LED showing current song posistion.
"FillingMap" lights up all :EDs from the begining to current song's position LED.

Now I have to find a solution for jog lights... :(
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