Allen Heat XONE K2


Allen Heat XONE K2

Postby Millvaz on 07 Jul 2014, 14:03

I am considering upgrading my set U-Mix Control Pro) with an Xone K2 to controll 2 sample decks. Anyone has any experience mapping this controller with Cross DJ?
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Re: Allen Heat XONE K2

Postby UncleVibes on 07 Jul 2014, 15:29

I think the commands are native in Cross LE, I got to check for other versions.
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Re: Allen Heat XONE K2

Postby Giordy01 on 10 Aug 2014, 02:47

Hi! :)

I have some question about the mapping of Cross with Xone:K2.

1) I have got a Xone:DB2 and a Xone:K2. I want use the K2 with the new mapping created for work with the Xone:23c (yet included into 3.2.1 version that I had yet installed) but it wasn't work. I try to change the MIDI channel like it's described on instructions of Xone:23c for adapt the mapping to my setup but continue do not work. Anybody can tell me how to proceed correctly?

2) The default mapping of Xone:K2 works even connect with DB2 but in a strange mode. I mean... if I use the mapping in internal mode it works normally but if I put the mapping in external mode (using the DB2 how mixer and the K2 how controller for the decks control) some functions like loops and sampler don't works. Why?

3) I tried to create a my personal mapping with my configuration starting from the default mapping (4 decks internal mode) but I can't reach obtain any good results and i don't understand why. Someone can help me for create it?

I had read the manual of Cross and the guide to set the mapping correctly but the only result that I obtained is those I describe above. If you're so kindly to help me I'll thank you eternally because I want leave soon as possible Traktor to pass definitely to Cross that is more practically for my mixing style! Thanks to everyone who can help me!

P.S.: I have even another question but it don't have nothing matter with the mapping. Into the log of version 3.2.1 is write that it's possible to share my sets directly on SoundCloud and MixCloud... I found the functions about SoundCloud but I don't find anything about MixCloud... where they are located? :confused:
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