Fixed effect with controller


Fixed effect with controller

Postby RoJeC on 31 May 2014, 12:33

Deejay Sam1 wrote:i got new ddj wego but i m not knowing how to assign the reverb as a defaul fx without changing the original settings thx

Please contact UncleVibes by PM to tell your posting issue.

If I am right Cross always starts with last used FX.

Not sure in the MIDI options, but if I remember right every FX has a value per selection ( I only use +/-1).
What you want likely has more impact than considered. If you would have a mapping to a fixed value than every time you use it it will go there. When using FX's this likely is not what you would like.

If you want it: copy a default mapping and try out the options for FX.

I guess a better solution would be to use a keyboard mapping for this. If it is possible (same as with MIDI) then you can assign a key (or key combination) to select a certain FX number.
By this your controller will not have a function which can easily result in unwanted effects.


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Re: Fixed effect with controller

Postby FigDJ on 31 May 2014, 12:40

There is a command called
Fx select and trigger that allows the specific selection and triggering on at the same time.
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