stanton djc4 mapping lights


stanton djc4 mapping lights

Postby DJTotal on 05 Apr 2014, 19:40

As I was saying that i'm new here so finally I can see the button new post.
I always use a controller but I was working with other software wich was very simple to mapp Everything. I don't know to much about editing xml and obviously nothing how this software works. Anyway I'm using a mapp that it's here in the forum stanton djc4 no led so can someone help me and add the led to the controller or how I can do it because there is a software called crossmap and this software read those xml but on the same way I don't know how to do MIDI out.
About the controller delay I think it's the computer since it is a little older

Gateway intel Pentium 4 processor 225 gigs memory, 320 gigs hard drive system operative with partition 150/150 and an extra 2 gigs hard drive for music only, video card GeForce 450, 1gigs ram
Note: it was Windows xp professional and I change to 7 32 bits
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