As mapping correctly Kontrol X1 in croos 2.6???


As mapping correctly Kontrol X1 in croos 2.6???

Postby MarkoMixDJ on 16 Dec 2013, 19:52

I read in forums in other languages​​, which works well with Kontrol X1 Cross. I downloaded a mapping of a user to 2.5 and not bad, I map it to my taste is not complicated, but ... to reach endless buttons, so mapping to navigate between tracks and not doing well, going to jump no uniforms. Pressing a key on the X1 (ej.Play) starts playing the theme in the corresponding player but the keys are not illuminated.
¿Someone can tell me to serve the three boxes are mapping options "Out", "In" and "14Bit"?? ¿What I have to dial to the proper functioning of X1??
Anyway, if anyone can guide me to do it properly I would appreciate.
Thanks in advance.
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