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Remixlive & Cross DJ

Postby davidglines on 29 Aug 2018, 12:40


Just came across the video on YouTube how to use Remixlive & Cross DJ together (iOS 11 tutorial). It's based on the Slide Over feature, if I'm not mistaken. Watched other similar tutorials and they don't explain very well, I couldn't understand anything. This one is perfect.
Is there an option for Android too?
David Glines

Remixlive & Cross DJ iOS Tutorial
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Re: Remixlive & Cross DJ

Postby Team@Mixvibes on 09 Sep 2018, 18:44

Hello David,

Unfortunately this feature is not available for the Android versions of Cross DJ and Remixlive. The feature was brought about when Apple introduced more multitasking capabilities for iPads, which allowed us to make Cross DJ run on the side like shown in the videos.

Since Google did introduce more multitasking options in Android N it might be something we can introduce but I am not sure how Androids inter app audio works, which might be a limitation.

Either way I can bring this up with the developers to see if they can add it to the to-do list if it is not already there.

Adam @Mixvibes
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