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PostPosted: 20 Jul 2018, 03:52
by Just_Cayden
I think this app would be a lot better if you added a way to use Spotify. I have a MIX2GOPRO, and this is the only app I’ve been able to find that is compatible with the system. While SoundCloud is fun, you can only load music that other people have put together. I would like to be able to load original songs onto the table to spin and make my own music with. I have a very large list of songs that would be awesome to mix, but you can’t find the original version anywhere on SoundCloud, so I think it would be helpful to add another way of obtaining and loading music. Thank you!

Re: Spotify???

PostPosted: 20 Jul 2018, 07:44
by RoJeC
It's a rights issue.
The SC music you can use because the creators (uploaders) waved their rights regarding reuse. The Spotify music does not allow this nor the artists that provide their music to be distributed via this channel.

Till some years ago SC had great mixes of 'current' music. However after many claims they had to clean their database and now have very strict rules on track content of uploaded mies/music.