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2 suggestions

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2017, 23:54
by hiredg00n
Couple suggestions, basically jacked from other DJ apps

1) For the tempo slider, a button to activate some Fine Adjust mode (or one in the settings). If it's at anything other than 4% in the settings, getting it at the exact tempo you want can sometimes be tricky, it just skips over it. And Invert switch would be neat too.

2) An aspect lock to keep it from rotating if the tab/phone gets moved.


Re: 2 suggestions

PostPosted: 10 Jul 2017, 07:43
by RoJeC
Hi, thanks for your suggestions.

The auto rotate has been implemented upon users requests to be able to have more space for one deck. So you best disable it (temporary) in the tab device settings.

The rotate however might help you as well (somewhat) with finer adjustment options. I do agree tha sometimes finetuning is a bit hard.