DVS control on mobile apps

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DVS control on mobile apps

Postby benny_blanco_cross on 07 Feb 2017, 19:49

i'm not a mixvibes mobiles apps user (just a Cross DVS user).
i don't understant why mixvibes, once a Pioneer on the DVS side, hasn't yet implanted DVS control on the Cross mobiles apps (at least on iOS, i understand that android latency issues would make it irrelevant on android devices).
i didn't believe it at first, but it seems that some apps (edjing scratch, DJ player pro for example) have managed to make it possible.
with the growing portablism interest (Numark pt 01 scratch, and other external Cross fader constantly out of stocks...), wouldn't it be a nice idea ;-)
as a scratch DJ who loves jamming with jazz musicians, i try to minimize the weight of my gear any time i could, and the jump to other app developers is more and more appealing each day.
so i hope that pressing 7inches control vinyl was just the first step (if not, i don't quite understand the motive).
SO, i would love to see DVS support on your mobiles apps, so i could stick with my first love DVS brand...
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Re: DVS control on mobile apps

Postby HawnSolo on 23 Feb 2017, 02:39

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