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PostPosted: 27 May 2017, 23:23
by fohrums
RoJeC wrote:MIDI is supported for Android M and later. The SB has a default mapping. For the SB2 you will have to define it yourself.

It's not possible to determine the power by the LEDs. If you want to use this setup for DJing (with any app) you would need a powered USB hub. Costs you like $/€ 10-15 (more if you like...).

Just to be sure: you do have the Cross DJ Pro app and not the Free as the latter doesn't provide MIDI support?

I do have Cross DJ "Pro". I'll see about that USB Powered Hub, but still..... :rolleyes:

It would be really helpful if you guys have a guide explaining this kind of stuff since every body does everything using their phones. Not only that, but stuff that you guys went ahead and tested it out yourselfs. Cross DJ is a mobile app I think it's popularity come from phones rather than PC's I would assume.


PostPosted: 28 May 2017, 10:04
by RoJeC
Not really what the point is your trying to make. The setup video is pretty clear on this. However using controllers is never to be considered simple. It doesn't connect the same way as many other USB devices like hdd, mouse, memstick. This has nothing to do with the Cross software.
The Mixvibes team has like 20 years experience in PC/Mac DJ software and like 5 years on Android/iOS. The MIDI support was build for some controllers before MIDI was part of Android. Once build in Android users can make their own mapping.
Regarding testing for Android this is very limited. Over a 1000 versions of Android exist. Also hardware has a wide range of options. So there is a group of test users but that's no guarantee to cover all installation related options.