Improve Library browsing in Android

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Improve Library browsing in Android

Postby vespadj on 19 Jan 2016, 17:48

In reference to Android, Cross DJ version 2.3 and also 3.0.

During DJ set I usually jump between:
- Local Library / Playlist
- Folder Explorer
- sometimes: Local Library / Playlist / Search

1. Folder Explorer starts always from path "/": please consider to handle last browsed directory (in the current Session), or if it is more simple to put in Settings a settable "Browser from Folder" (e.g.: /storage/sdcard0/Music/...)

I thought a lot about what to propose for improve Library browsing, and this is my idea:
Suppose you want to mix songs from two or three Playlists (or Albums, or Artists, or Folders, or user Searches), now for next song you have to repeatedly type/touch the same things, and you lost time.
You may be create a new playlist, but during DJ set it's long and boring.
So I propose to insert an icon in Library to save the link (label alias bookmark) to the current page (Folder, Album, user Search result, ...) for an easy recall during session.
Links/Bookmarks may be on the top-right or in the Left menu.
For an automatic name, just #1, #2, #3... (like hotcue points) , or something more fully-developed.
They may be or not be permanent after session.

Thanks for your attention.
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Re: Improve Library browsing in Android

Postby RoJeC on 20 Jan 2016, 11:49

Sorry, but I don't see to much of a time saver.

If you have a playlist, e.g. 'Prepare' you can add tracks to this from any location (playlist/songs/folders/..). Click vertical dots menu at the right and select playlist.

This is at least how I work; roughly 20 'potential next tracks' in there. Trying to have various types so depending on how the public responds the flow can be changed instantly. In the end only 25-50% of the pre selected will make it; the DJ work as I see it is in keeping this list dynamic.

By using this playlist it makes it easier as well to pre listen and sometimes even pre Cue, without losing (having to remember) the location.

I must say that it somehow still seems that when working with vinyl/CD(/tape) remembering is easier than with all the 'digital' supporting tools. When using physical media the 'prepare' stack usually isn't above 10... and works as well..


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Re: Improve Library browsing in Android

Postby vespadj on 04 Mar 2017, 00:03

Thanks for suggestion.
I create a temporary playlist named 0_Clipboard

On v.3.1 on Android, Folder Explorer doesn't remember last position yet.

Another question:
How order by last added songs?
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