Taller level sliders that don't snap when you press them

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Taller level sliders that don't snap when you press them

Postby kinpatsu on 31 Jul 2015, 01:10

Hey guys, love the software!

One little annoyance that I've had to find a workaround for is the level sliders for bass/mid/high. Even on a large Android smartphone (Note 3), [in landscape mode] vertically they take up very little space on the screen, making it hard to smoothly shift levels from one track to the next. I feel the same way even when using a 10" tablet.

Adding to the frustration is that when you press a slider handle it snaps to your finger's location. So unless you press your finger perfectly in the dead center of the handle, it pops and raises/lowers the level by however much your finger was off. This difference can be a LOT and is definitely noticeable if you're actually trying to mix smoothly.

The workaround I found is to press the dead space to the top and bottom of the handle, then it doesn't snap and I can smoothly mix, but this is pretty frustrating.

A solution would be to remove the snap function and make the handle behave the way it does when you press outside the handle space.

This goes the same for the crossfader. I use the volume bars to mix instead of the fader, so it doesn't affect me, but probably frustrates others.

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