more beatgrid control?

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more beatgrid control?

Postby carmatic on 09 Feb 2015, 13:00

Hello, not all music conforms to a 4-4 time signature that the beatgrid relies on, some music have BPM changes and others have rests.
The solution would be to have multiple beatgrids for different sections of the same track, which would likely have to be manually edited in

Furthermore, there are some tracks in my collection which have a BPM which is intermediate between the selectable 'beat densities' of the beatgrid edition, and the longer the track is, the larger the error becomes. My proposed solution is to have the beatgrid 'shift' control enabled only at the beginning of the track (or the beatgrid for the section of the song, if you implement multiple beatgrids), so as to align the beatgrid initally; then, when you scroll right and the initial beat is out of view, the beatgrid 'shift' control is replaced by the 'density' control, and each press of the increase and decrease buttons will produce a smaller change the farther right the view is
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