OTG Learning/Mapping

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OTG Learning/Mapping

Postby Myles Johnston on 25 Sep 2014, 00:44

Hi, I recently purchased Cross DJ for Android, and realized it has OTG for the U-Mix Device.. I just bought my Pyle PMidi-100 2 months ago, it fits easily in my backpack and was a good price as I bought it for junking around and mixing while camping.

Are your team planning on adding MIDI mapping / cc code learning? Soon? If not, could I send you my Cc codes and get a custom build supporting my deck? I can't afford the U-Mix and like I said I already have a deck.

As a coder myself I feel it should take your team 3 days tops to add a learning mode to your app, are you trying to sell more u-mixes? Maybe you can have a On-the-go upgrade for like $10 / device?

- Myles
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Re: OTG Learning/Mapping

Postby RoJeC on 25 Sep 2014, 20:24

There might be plans. 3 days of coding will not cover the work. Çouple of hundred android os around. So even testing takes more
Other requirement might be that otg will have to be officially supported on Android...


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