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Cross DJ Android "missing features"

Postby jayzakk on 19 Feb 2014, 20:03

Hi there,

I have some suggestions which maybe could find their way into next updates.

Folder browser - nice but not really usable. It's missing any information about the tracks, and shows tracks which are not in the native music database. As your app seems to completely rely on the native database, it's not possible to play back tracks which maybe could played back by your app but not the device. Examples would be some codecs and especially the audio track of an mp4 music video. I know you can demux mp4 already :-)

Comes to next one - would be much better to have an own database for the songs. This additionally would allow to remove some other app sounds and specify the folders where the real music is.

I'm basically an automix user, but some features would be more than only nice to have:

Own "internal" automix playlist for the decks:
- random play: having a large folder for unattended playback and background play, it always plays the same songs. Just randomize at start could be easy then.
- play-next / queue-next function on selecting a song from database
- moving play order

I am missing end of song detect / end-cue / cut as many songs have silence at the end. Makes autofade unusable on them.

Autosync / bpm match should not blindly do it's work. Please implement limits, as "only match if diff is max x%". If inside limit, match bpm and do soft fade. If outside, don't match and hard/no fade.
Plus, please reset to original BPM again after or while fade. Same here, two modes. Hard reset on-beat after fade is working quite good if diff is less than 4%, soft slide to original BPM for higher diffs, maybe while fading.

Wishing for constant frequency pitch maybe is too much on limited CPU I guess :-)

Some general "bugs":

Screen doesn't keep active, devices going to low CPU mode and screen off. This sometimes lead to stutter.

Leaving the app via home button and reopening by starting the app again creates an clean, new instance of the mix activity while the real one is still playing and feeding the audio service. It should open the old one, reflecting what actually is playing and set up. Not hard to set up in manifest XML and onStart().

Adding a song to playlist shows up a system toast. Adding a bunch of songs virtually never stops that toasting. Please don't toast()
And, when on that topic: multiple select to add to playlist would be cool.

I guess I forgot many small things I encountered while playing with crossdj the last days. But could put them in my next postings :-)

Thanks a lot!

Remarks: I was doing an automix only app before, including video playback. On 4core CPU with optimized ffmpeg as base: working quite nice. Only wasn't successful on reliable beat and key detection :-)
Because of that, I did long tests and got quite some user feedback on the automix topic. The feature suggestions I wrote aren't out of nothing :-)
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