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adding songs to autoplay on iPad

PostPosted: 15 Feb 2014, 04:57
by willie16wild
It would be really nice, right after you find a song, if you could add a song to autoplay when you are on your iPad. when you use autoplay right now it you can only switch it to the next song and thats it.

lets say you did do that for the next update for Cross DJ rmt another thing to do is after you add the song to autoplay, is to being able to move the song up in order so it would be next or whenever you want it.

Re: adding songs to autoplay on iPad

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2014, 19:13
by jayzakk
The same applies to the Android version. Please add some "Play next" in automix mode.

Re: adding songs to autoplay on iPad

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2014, 00:16
by RoJeC
Hi Jayzakk. Welcome to Cross.
The 'play next' can be simulated by tapping the crossfader.

You made some nice suggestions. Likely several are present in the road map to have a Cross tablet app as similar to the PC version as can be achieved. With the many types of tablet devices in OS forks and dot releases as well as screen size the MixVibes team takes small steps in adding functionality to meet user needs.

It is a Pro DJ app, so reliability is the key over functionality.
Your remarks will be noticed by the team and taken into consideration. Some will be available soon, others might take a while with the known list to have it work similar to the PC/Mac versions.

New suggestions are always welcome, but bug reports are really important to have a more stable version for everyone. New features will only be usefull while having a solid foundation, else everyone will be reluctant to use them.

Re: adding songs to autoplay on iPad

PostPosted: 21 Feb 2014, 14:11
by jayzakk
Hello Ronald,

Thanks for your reply and putting the feedback to the dev team.
The term "play next" wasn't really clear, "play this song next when the current one ends" in song selection screen would be more accurate description :-)
Anyways, the play-next-song-immediately function you described doesn't seem to work or exist in the current version, no matter what mode I set the XF to. To achieve this, I set up XF to autofade mode, press SYNC on the cued deck, directly followed by XF arrow key. Did I miss something?

And yes, I totally agree that the app stability is the most important. Though the automix isn't very usable if you want to be flexible and not just play back specially prepared playlists due to missing options and functions. Yet, it's still the best (and fastest regarding song bpm scan) implementation I've seen on android :-)