Some suggestions

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Some suggestions

Postby Jay-Mello on 01 Aug 2012, 15:57


Firstly can I say that this is the best DJ app I have used on the iPad and the first one that I've used for more than an hour without becoming frustrated or bored, i.e. it feels like a tool rather than a toy. That said here's a few things I think should be added to future versions:

1. Customisable track information layout. I think other people have mentioned this but I do think this is essential. More specifically I'd like to be able to view the 'Key' (or comments) field for each track, like in Traktor and Serato. I'd also like to be able to sort by this (or any other) field.

2. Markers on the track wav preview. In Serato it has little white lines on the wav preview every 64 bars (actually it might be 128 bars I’m not sure). These are very useful in working out where to start mixing the next tune in. Something similar would be great.

3. Play history. At the moment one of the main things I am using Cross DJ for is as a way of 'prototyping' sets and playing around to find good mixes. However there is no way for me to view the play history on the iPad, so some good mixes have been lost due to poor memory. It would be great to be able to either view them on the iPad but a text file that gets copied when syncing (in the same way as the bug reports) would also be good. If this function is already there then I apologise, please point me in its direction!

4. Play music direct from drop-box (or similar). That way I could purchase music anywhere and I don't have to be at home to sync the tunes and play them.

Oh and finally, make it crash less. :biggrin:

Looking forward to seeing how the app improves.

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Re: Some suggestions

Postby daniel clark on 02 Aug 2012, 02:07

:cool: :cool: where glad for the feed back ,, any info as to the crashes will help in sorting some of the solutions :cool: :cool:

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Re: Some suggestions

Postby Support@MixVibes on 02 Aug 2012, 10:02

The crashless version is actually waiting approbation from Apple.
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