Cross DJ MIDI mapping for kontrol s4 mk2 Jog Wheel help...

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Cross DJ MIDI mapping for kontrol s4 mk2 Jog Wheel help...

Postby shubhammandhre on 30 Apr 2020, 08:05

Ok, so I decided to stick to Mixvibes Cross DJ and get the all the mapping for the Kontrol s4 mk2 all up to date. seo marketing agency

I already got the main mapping for the s4 mk1 and started off from there, some things work and some things don't, so I'm replacing all the mapping with the correct buttons and features like the play, sync, cue, ect... luxury flats for sale in mumbai
Those buttons are easy, its basically nothing.

Though the main problem I'm getting is now is the Jog Wheel and the function it is having is not fully setup. real estate strategy consulting

In the MIDI mapping the Jog Wheel is only set up to pitch up and pitch down which on the Cross DJ program is the two Plus and Minus buttons below tempo fader which is label pitch (for some strange reason) but the jog wheel isn't set up to scratch or move the track forward or back in the way you would use the wheel.
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Re: Cross DJ MIDI mapping for kontrol s4 mk2 Jog Wheel help.

Postby FigDJ on 01 May 2020, 18:17

This is just an example
Normally if a controller have capacitive sensitive jog wheels there are 2 or more MIDI values for the jogwheel. One for moving the platter and another one for touch. One for combo.

In this form touching and moving the jogwheel on the edge will perform pitch up or down and touching the jogwheel on the top will do track/scratch movement.
In the example below parameter 36 is touching the platter on top
parameter 22 is working with #36 to do scratch movement while touching the top
parameter 21 is just moving the platter without touching the top.
Code: Select all
        <mapping name="CH1 JOG PLATTER (D3-L)">
            <MIDI type="Note" parameter="0x36" channel="0x1"/>
            <MIDI type="CC" parameter="0x22" channel="0x1"/>
            <MIDI type="CC" parameter="0x21" channel="0x1"/>
            <control alias="fam(Player)[0x1].ScratchJog"/>
          <preset name="Touch Alt.">
              <parameter object="jog" key="Backward Tick Increment Range" value="-1 -63"/>
              <parameter object="jog" key="Backward Value Range" value="63 1"/>
              <parameter object="jog" key="Built-in Period" value="0"/>
              <parameter object="jog" key="Forward Tick Increment Range" value="1 63"/>
              <parameter object="jog" key="Forward Value Range" value="65 127"/>
              <parameter object="jog" key="Has Null Value" value="off"/>
              <parameter object="jog" key="Move till Stop" value="on"/>
              <parameter object="jog" key="Ms Per Turn" value="1800"/>
              <parameter object="jog" key="Pitch Bend when No Touch" value="on"/>
              <parameter object="jog" key="Sensitivity" value="1"/>
              <parameter object="jog" key="Ticks Per Turn" value="2400"/>
              <parameter object="stop timer" key="Repeat Time" value="12"/>
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