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mp3 files not recognized

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2020, 15:21
by TaranQ
I'm having trouble with some of my mp3 files that are not recognized in Cross DJ.
This happens after moving the files to another folder?
What causes Cross DJ to no longer recognize a file?
I've tried all possibilities from changing, re-assigning tags, changing file names to even re-encoding the mp3 itself.
I now have these 2vspecific files being recognized but they are in the wrong folder. As soon as I move the files to the correct folder they are no longer recognized by CrossDJ not even if I move them back!

Re: mp3 files not recognized

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2020, 15:39
by RoJeC
Cross uses the android mediabase as the core information on tracks.

What you have done has severe implications. As the mediabase isn't to smart in handling changes. If a track is taken from a location it will be removed. When a track is found at a location it will be added as a new one. The new one has a new unique ID.
And the updating of the mediabase (by android) is triggered somewhat random.

This also applies to 'external' storage like sd card or hdd.

So if you move tracks your existing playlist will be impacted. Also it may take some time before the destination is added to the mediabase. And when it has been added it will never become part of an existing playlist as it has a different ID than the previous mediabase-record of this track.

I think there still exist some apps (or methods) to manually trigger the mediabase to be updated. But basically: never move a track. Only update/remove sd/hdd when device is fully turned off and boot after reconnecting the storage device (preferably using same USB port if applicable).

Using a seperate database for Cross is hardly possible as this would be a pretty large file being mostly a copy of the mediabase. Both from storage as mem issues not really a benificial solution as the mediabase is part of the android 'core'.

I would think you did some of the actions (like tagging) in between reoval/adding process of the mediabase. This could give you the impression you are working on track info where as the actual link was in the process of being removed.

Re: mp3 files not recognized

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2020, 15:53
by TaranQ
Well I use an app to rescan Android mediastorage.
And I do all these things with all my files. Editing tags and moving files around. I use my Android Mediaplayer Musicolet to manage my audio lib and it takes care of updating playlists when moving files. When I've finished managing my files I use Musicolet to export the playlists to Android mediastorage.
I open Cross and can load the playlists and corresponding files without problem.
Just every now and then there are files that at some point refuse to show up in CrossDJ, although they are seen in my music app and apparently are present in Android Mediastorage.

Re: mp3 files not recognized

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2020, 16:25
by RoJeC
That's quite some additional info.

For sure it creates some more possible causes.

First of all don't blame you to use such an app :cool:

But now it can be an issue with the app, Cross, the mediabase or any combination of these at certain moments/conditions.

If records end up 'dead' a common cause is 2 or more application trying to access at same time or while still being locked by an other app.
Could this be the case? e.g. Cross still open with these tracks loaded or recently used/selected (just before)?

Just maybe the app you use keeps (error)logs to register conflicts upon save.

Re: mp3 files not recognized

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2020, 16:43
by TaranQ
Like I said I don't do anything different with the affected files as I do with all my files.
And I take care I close other apps before opening CrossDJ and of course I close and re-open CrossDJ to make sure it sees the changes. As I expected Cross to load it's mediabase at opening.
Especially strange is the fact that for this particular case the 2 files can be seen even after changing file names and tags but are gone for good as soon as they have been moved to another folder and even if move them back.
My music app can still see and play them but for CrossDJ they have disappeared.
If it would be a conflict of files being in use by 2 applications I guess I would have this problem more often or even all the time.

Re: mp3 files not recognized

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2020, 18:33
by RoJeC
From your response I suppose you misunderstand what I mean.

In Android file locking usually is not an issue.

I ment record locking. My first suspicion would be that Cross has a record (or 2) active/locked while you make changes with your app.
This may be in the Mediabase or in a database Cross uses with some cross-related data.

In that state updating info can create non related records.

Moving files back to the old location would in this situation not be of any use. Cross does not have info about file location other than read from the current status of the mediabase record for the location.

Starting of Cross after the mediabase edit indeed is the best to do. For the purpose of testing I would suggest to make sure Cross is closed the moment edits are saved.

Re: mp3 files not recognized

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2020, 20:09
by TaranQ
Thanks for all the help. Gonna try to see when exactly this happens.

Edit : I tried the Windows platform and everything is fine with the same mp3 files so it probably indeed is some sort of android issue.

Re: mp3 files not recognized

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2020, 10:18
by TaranQ
Is there anything I can do to "re-initialize" CrossDJ's database records without losing CUE points as I've seen that it also seems to mess up cover art (some tracks have same cover although they ought to be different).
Edit : my playlist view even shows 90% the same cover art..?

Re: mp3 files not recognized

PostPosted: 17 May 2020, 19:02
by TaranQ
Just the same thing happened today again. Hardly used App since last report.
I downloaded a bunch off mp3 files made a playlist in my music player app.
Exported the playlist to Android.
Started CrossDJ and loaded the playlist.
All songs except for one are loaded correctly and can be played. What about that one mp3??
I don't know ist just an mp3 like all my other files that can be played by my music player like all other files. Tried file explorer and search with no results.
Starting to suspect Cross DJ app has some strange way if identifying mp3 files.
No way I can get this file to show up.
Makes the whole app kind of useless.

Re: mp3 files not recognized

PostPosted: 29 May 2020, 22:11
by TaranQ
And again it's a real pita. Making the whole app worthless. Why can't it just recognize all mp3 files? Something is definitely wrong here.
It makes no sense, I shouldn't be forced by the app to use the mp3 it can deal with. It's up to me to choose the music I want to work with.
Very disappointed!