Cross DJ Android with DDJ-SB

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Cross DJ Android with DDJ-SB

Postby jsim095 on 18 Feb 2020, 01:53

Hi all

I've recently been using Cross DJ on my Android OnePlus 6T and am loving it, especially the SoundCloud Pro integration.

I'm contemplating getting a cheap second hand Pioneer DDJ-SB to use as a controller. Grateful for any help with the following queries as a lot of the information on this controller is now some years old.

1. Will sound come out of the DDJ-SB master out, or from the OnePlus 6T?
2. If sound will output from the OnePlus 6T, will there be any issue using a USC-C to 3.5mm and USB-C splitter, to hook up both an external speaker and the USB OTG cable? (The OnePlus 6T has no in built 3.5mm audio input)
3. Will pre-cueing audio come from the DDJ-SB headphone port?
4. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to using a powered USB 3.0 hub with older hardware like the DDJ-SB?
5. Generally, has anyone experienced issues using controllers with OnePlus phones?

Grateful for any assistance on the above.
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