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Question regarding missing 'Folders'

PostPosted: 07 Nov 2019, 12:42
by Ressler
Hello everyone,,
after trying the free version I decided to purchase the 'pro version' I am.glad I did, as it's a fantastic piece of software!

I have a problem. My music is in folders on my micro sd card (music style/albums etc) Yet the Mixvibes won't let me see the individual folders,which is annoying to say the least! Is there a way of seeing these folders within the program? If not, is this (essential in my opinion) feature going to be added via a future update?

Thank you in advance for any replies :)

Re: Question regarding missing 'Folders'

PostPosted: 08 Nov 2019, 00:20
by RoJeC
The whole idea behind the software is to not have to use/know the data structure. It's a very inefficient way of use. The database structure and default search taps are to be able to find data instantly.

The tags of your tracks can do the work for you. When using a search option. In many cases typing 2 'words' with each 4 chars of e.g. title and artist can bring your list back to just a few tracks.

this easily beats folder search. This digging in crates with vinyl to find a track was like 25 years ago an important reason for MixVibes to develop software that could simplify the job.