Playlist Issues

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Playlist Issues

Postby ColinCook on 31 Oct 2019, 17:39

Hi all - I have the paid version of CrossDJ and it is up to date.

I am experiencing a regular issue when trying to use the program.

On my PC I create a folder with the ceremony music inside, correctly tagged and numbered. I create a playlist using Tag & Rename within the same folder, and then copy the folder over to my devices.

On my Samsung Tab S this seems to work most of the time. However on my Lenovo Tab 7 and on my Asus MemoPad, about 50% of the time when I try to load the playlist I get the message "This Playlist Does Not Contain Any Tracks. You Can Add Tracks By Opening The Top Right Corner Menu"

However, the playlists play perfectly in other software such as Rocket Player and Pot Player.

As an example, today I created 2 folders, each with a playlist. One was for the Ceremony and the other for the Wedding Breakfast. Both were created in the same way and at the same time. I copied them both across.

The Wedding Breakfast Playlist works fine in Cross DJ (42 tracks) whilst the Ceremony Playlist (13 tracks) gives the above error. It does the same thing on 2 devices, with the same playlist, yet they work fine on the Samsung.

Please can you help?

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Re: Playlist Issues

Postby RoJeC on 31 Oct 2019, 19:08

You can't copy playlist from a win to an Android device nor inbetween android devices.
This is for the simple reason that your android devices use a different way of naming folder paths.
Also the file management is different. For audio the Mediabase is used. Windows does not have an audio management method for files.

The mediabase of an Android device is updated every now and then. Not totally random, but also not upon every change.
Even worse if you temporary remove a medium containing tracks the mediabase can be auto-updated. So tracks removed. When you put back the medium the tracks will be added again. In case you had playlists non of the palylists will now have tracks from this medium as they have a new identifierID.

What might happen in your situation that some of the apps will check the folder and try to extract playlist info. If there is no path in the list , but only current dir info, the playlist might be created upon that info.

Cross totally relies on the mediabase as in the situation it would build a database like in Windows this will take a considerable volume and almost be a copy of the mediabase.

Hope this explains somewaht what's happening in the back vs what you experience at the front.


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