Controller null not supported - help please!

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Controller null not supported - help please!

Postby Liltizzel11 on 18 Aug 2019, 02:58

I recently bought a Pioneer DDJ SB after watching videos that it should work with Cross DJ Free for Android. I get the whole setup with the USB powered hub, and OTG cable. When I connect it to my Chromebook, I get "The controller null is not supported by Cross DJ". If I play a Youtube video on the Chromebook, sound goes through the mixer and out to my speakers, so I know signal goes through.

I then tried to plug it into my Oneplus 6T, and it did recognize the mixer. I could move the crossfader and it would work on the phone. However, when I try to play a track, it just stutters back and forth by 1 second and doesnt play. There is no sound. As soon as I disconnect the mixer, the music plays normally on my phone speaker.

I checked the mixer with my desktop and Serato Lite, and it works perfectly.

What should I do? Thanks for reading.
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