sound issue: distortion , slow down , loss!!

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sound issue: distortion , slow down , loss!!

Postby Dembe on 05 Aug 2019, 11:45

hi all. im using phone LG v10.
i have 2 track loaded on 2 deck. playing well at EQ screen or disc screen. But if i leave (ex : go to chosing track screen,advanced setting screen) and NOT touching phone screen , sound start distortion, i mean audio slow down, crackles. but if i just keep touching or keep scrolling in the track list, sound playing good.
i think it's about cpu usage of the phone right? Mobdro

i have only 1 app running , clean ram.
maybe any 1 know somehow to make cpu focus on Cross DJ app?
sorry for my bad english. hope u guys understand.
thanks all for your attention.
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Re: sound issue: distortion , slow down , loss!!

Postby RoJeC on 06 Aug 2019, 12:12

In settings you find some buttons to help when you have this.

It indeed is related to a busy CPU.


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