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My DJ Drops and Banks

PostPosted: 07 Mar 2019, 09:26
by Erick626
Hi, I paid for the use of Cross DJ app on my Android tablet (I'm not using the FREE version) and have purchased several sound banks/effects/sounds to use along with my DJ Mixes. The problem is, I can't figure out how to add my custom DJ name Props and intros to one of the Bank Folders. I have tried generating a new Bank by typing "personal Banks" on the folder but I can't figure out how to import them to such folder. My personal props are on my external Sd card, can someone please help, Thank you in advance.

Re: My DJ Drops and Banks

PostPosted: 19 Mar 2019, 22:37
by mmediaman
Sorry I don't have time to detail it at the moment mate. But take comforting in knowing that it is possible.

It involves finding where in the Android file system the drops are stored and editing the control file that points to them. Thats what I remember off-the-kuff doing anyway. Inconvenient but works well....