Possible to "select all" tracks in a directory for setlist?

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Possible to "select all" tracks in a directory for setlist?

Postby Bobsterz on 04 Mar 2019, 10:59

I would like to create a large playlist to automix. I would like to select all tracks in each of a number of directories. The Android app appears to only allow selecting one track at a time and only from a title, album, artist, or BPM sort. Am I out of luck? There's no way I could justify taking the time to select all these tunes individually. Any help would be appreciated.

I know I can add entire folders to an automix set, but it appears that if you already have a different automix going on, you have to select the folders all over again (if you haven't put all the tunes into a playlist). I'd hate to have to do that when I go on break and I just want to quickly start playing a collection of tunes that are only for the break.

When I am viewing a folder instead of individual tracks, the drop down menu only has automix options; there's no ability to add the folder to a playlist from that view.

Any ideas?
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