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Missing Sample Packs

PostPosted: 15 Feb 2019, 21:26
by Helix_P_Kamel
I'm having an issue locating the sample packs that I purchased as part of the Feature Pack I bought in Cross DJ Free. When I go into the store to purchase, say, the "House Drums" a message appears saying that I have already purchased it however I cannot find it in my Sample list. I tried accessing the store via the Samples drop down list and through the main menu and neither were successful.

I guess had I known more, I would have just bought the "Pro" version instead, but I naively assumed that the Free version would have automatically updated once I bought the Feature Pack (after reading other posts I realize that doesn't happen).

Re: Missing Sample Packs

PostPosted: 05 Mar 2019, 21:02
by Helix_P_Kamel
Anyone from Mixvibes care to address this?

Re: Missing Sample Packs

PostPosted: 06 Mar 2019, 23:29
by Team@Mixvibes
Hi Helix,

Sorry for the delay and that this is still an issue for you!

Can you please reach out to with the email you use with the Play Store so I can look into everything on our end.

If you haven't yet (not likely due to the amount of time that has passed) you can try restarting your device since that will often times refresh the purchases made in Cross DJ and potentially fix these types of issues.

Adam @Mixvibes