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Version 3.3.5 improves Automix

PostPosted: 29 Sep 2018, 23:02
by Legaldeejay
Looks like it is working perfectly now. You can now start Automix from the normal Automix button, but there has to be tracks in the queue. If you press the Automix button without any tracks in the queue, nothing will happen, but it will load all your tracks and then it may take a while to clear the queue. So make sure there are already tracks loaded in the Automix queue before starting Automix.

You can also use the crossfader to switch to the next track in an Automix.

Automix will only shut off if you press the normal Automix button which is how it is supposed to work.

NOTE: If you add a track to a player during the Automix from the Library, it will immediately switch to that track without turning off Automix, BUT this seems to be causing a bug because when then adding tracks to the Automix queue, this causes the Automix to switch to the next track. SO DON'T DO THIS.

I think we finally got it now.

Re: Version 3.3.5 improves Automix

PostPosted: 30 Sep 2018, 15:22
by Legaldeejay
After testing this some more, there should be a feature to lock the players or somehow prevent loading tracks from the Library into the players during an Automix because as I stated in my prior post, this will cause some issues when trying to add additional tracks into the Automix queue. I have a small tablet so it is easy to accidentally load tracks when trying to press the 3 dot menu to add tracks to the Automix queue.