Cannot start from the beginning

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Cannot start from the beginning

Postby Gatech on 13 May 2018, 20:23

Hi to all.

I've been trying to use this Software like 1 year ago in different versions. I am not a DJ, dont mix songs, only use to play one, and another.

Have the same issue on all. On some songs, they are added to the Player but don't start playing at second 0.00. They begin playing in 1 or 2 seconds when music is now high, and it is frustrating to me. I need, like on another players, begin to play from the beginning every song.

Please help!
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Re: Cannot start from the beginning

Postby RoJeC on 13 May 2018, 21:51

Cross will automatically set the Cue to a first downbeat using a the analyses algorthim to set the beatgrid.

You can set the Cue to a different position by moving the track to a different postion and click the Cue button while the deck is not active.

If you have quantize enabled the Cue will be adjusted based upon the quantize value.

Cross is not designed to be a simple playlist tool. It's a DJ tool which uses a different set of wishes and technical solutions. Having a smooth transition in beats is one of these and for this setting a Cue to a downbeat is a requirement.

It's a choice based upon over 20 years experience in developping DJ software.

Also be aware that if you would set the cue to 0.0 for all tracks you also will have a problem as quite some tracks start later than 0.0. So in this situation you would also have to adjust a percentage of the tracks.


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