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Re: Mix2gopro and Galaxy s8+

PostPosted: 30 Nov 2017, 02:03
by djcomplejo
Ghost2314 wrote:Just bought the mix2gopro. Assuming that I was going to be able to use the DJ controls on the top. I get no notification of a MIDI controller connected. Is this because of the usb-c connection? Android is up to date. Tried any and all sub connections. Not paying $200 for a Bluetooth speaker only. Please help before I return this thing.

It's really disappointing to read this. I just got the Gemini Mix2Go pro and the instructions specifically say it works with the Mixvibes Cross DJ App, but I have yet to get it to work.

I have a OnePlus2 and that was a no go even with using a USB-C adapter on the OTG cable that comes with it and using my own USB-C cord. I also tried my Amazon Fire HD 10 with the Play store loaded on it and the app loaded on it and still no go.

My wife has an iPhone and I asked to borrow it and her lightning cable and guess what? WORKS PERFECTLY.

Very annoying to say the least. With the iPhone it is just smooth as butter and everything works with no issues.

I'd consider buying an Android tablet that would work with the Mix2Go, but it seems so hit or miss that IMO it's not worth it. I've tried finding a response online or at least a list of Android devices that work with it and no go.

I do suspect using a device with native micro-USB probably helps. I read online somewhere that Android 5.0 devices have better compatibility, hence why your S8 might not work with it. I've read vague suggestions to use a USB cable and audio aux in at the same time, use a powered USB hub (not sure how they want this connected), and turning on MIDI in android using developer mode. Haven't tried any of those yet, but will try to troubleshoot some more and see if this works.

Push comes to shove, I might just get an iPhone or iPad. Refurb iPads can be had for around $100 to $150 and my wife got her iPhone SE for only $50 when switching over to MetroPCS, so there are Apple devices out there for a reasonable price, but obviously, this is far from a perfect solution. I only paid $100 for this and it was a purchase as more of a cooler party/tailgate bluetooth speaker than a dedicated DJ controller, so for the price, with the light show and speakers, I'd be fine with it just as a bluetooth speaker since those party rocker things cost around the same, but that said, no excuse for the app to be so finicky and difficult to use on Android.

Re: Mix2gopro and Galaxy s8+

PostPosted: 13 Dec 2017, 03:15
by djcomplejo
As an update and an FYI for anyone interested, I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (That's the 8'' version) with 16GB of built in memory. Got a deal at Target ($111) and added a 64GB MicroSD card I had. Bought it hoping it would work with the Mix2Go and Cross DJ as a cheap alternative to an iPad and IT DID! Very happy that it worked. Runs smoothly with no issues and maintains full functionality of the MIx2Go controls. So that's an option for anyone who is having issues getting this to work with Android.