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External DAC

PostPosted: 24 Nov 2017, 09:52
by Wave Debb
Any suggestions for an external DAC that works with Cross DJ Pro on an android 7 phone? A Moto G4.
I've been looking for a while and getting nowhere.

Re: External DAC

PostPosted: 26 Nov 2017, 01:14
by Wave Debb
FYI, Sound Blaster E3 works over OTG, yes!

Re: External DAC

PostPosted: 26 Nov 2017, 20:46
by Team@Mixvibes
Hello Wave Debb,

Thank you for sharing this info for other users.

Due to the large variety of Android devices, OS versions, and sound cards, it is difficult to make a sound card compatibility list.

However, most standard sound cards should work. I can confirm that my Reloop Mixtour controller/sound card works with Cross DJ on Android but since it is not officially supported it just an extra long sound card.

Best regards,
Adam @Mixvibes