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Remixlive Android - session backups

PostPosted: 01 Oct 2017, 00:20
by bob3rocks
I am a new user to Remixlive which I am using on my Android tablet. Am I on the right forum? If not please let me know.

I have spent several hours crafting a song using my own loops. At this point I would have already saved my session file at least 10 times and made backups on any other platform. I would really like to know how to backup my session files.

I have plenty of copies of my media files. That's easy. But I am unable to find the session file on disk so I can make backups, and not lose all my hard work if the tablet wears out, won't boot, loses its operating system, or whatever.

Any insight would be appreciated!

Re: Remixlive Android - session backups

PostPosted: 01 Oct 2017, 08:58
by RoJeC
You can record your session output.

However exchange of the 'database' or part of it is not featured. For Mac an Win this could be pretty straightforward. However mobile OS's have some dynamics in datastructure that make it way harder to get the wanted results. The basics of backu and restore data may work, but having the restored file refering to the proper audio and video files isn't that obvious.