Modify Cross DJ playlist using Google Play Music?

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Modify Cross DJ playlist using Google Play Music?

Postby Djdifferente on 15 Jun 2017, 13:06

I enjoy the Cross DJ app a lot.
However, considering it uses the Android Media base for track and playlist info, as well as being able to view CrossDJ playlists from Google Play Music, shouldn't I be able to add tracks to them as well?? Of course I can... they're just not visible in Cross DJ - why not?

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Re: Modify Cross DJ playlist using Google Play Music?

Postby RoJeC on 15 Jun 2017, 17:49

Google Play Music isn't present at your device. It is streamed via a buffer of upto seconds. For this it's not suited for use with Cross app which has milliseconds latency.

The playlists are stored locally at the default playlist 'location' for the mediabase. For this the play app can find these.


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