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Cross DJ + Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro 2

PostPosted: 18 May 2017, 10:53
by djtimoe
I am using an Android-Tab with the actual version of Android Cross DJ (Full version). Connected with Micro-USB to U-Mix USB.

I need now a little bit support to get everything to work in a perfect way.
I already searched the forum but did not find the right answers...

Problem: the headphones are not working - no sound.
But - when I use a Windows PC with the same cables and Cross DJ for Windows (Demo Version) it's working... :rolleyes:

I tried to set "Advanced Settings / Audio settings" in different ways in Android, but no success....

How do I get the headphones to work?

I would like to charge the Tab when I use U-Mix Control. What equipment is needed (and working) so that I can charge the tab and get sound out of U-Mix Control. I would like to avoid an additional power supply for U-Mix-Control.
Could maybe someone provide a link what kind of powered USB-Hub will work - and the needed cables?


Re: Cross DJ + Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro 2

PostPosted: 18 May 2017, 11:01
by daniel clark
:idea: at top of page there is a you tube icon,,go there and browse thru the videos ,,topic revelent to MIDI control of android version of Cross ,,
then check the postings along same line ,,
before procedding to get any thing give spec and os version of tablet useing ,, and possible disscusion of what you think you need ..
reason being the overall multitude of tablets and android system make every set up different and some tablets just dont support MIDI connections ,, :redface:

Re: Cross DJ + Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro 2

PostPosted: 23 May 2017, 10:22
by djtimoe
Hello again,

I had a look an the youtube videos and also checked the comments.

But nothing helped to solve my problem :(

My configuration:
Android 5.1
Sound via Cinch Output from U-Mix to JBL-box

The following configuration is working:
I connect Android Tab with Mirco USB (out) to U-Mix Control.
I connect Cross DJ (Android App) with U-Mix Control.

I have sound on my JBL - also for the Mircophone. Everything is fine so far but I still have the following issues:

No sound on headphone.
Not possible to charge Tab (because micro usb is used for connection to U-Mix Control)

What I need:
I think I need some "special" cable and maybe an external USB Hub to get this configuration to work in a perfect way.
Has anyone a configration like this working? If yes - how?

Thanks for your help!

Re: Cross DJ + Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro 2

PostPosted: 23 May 2017, 11:27
by RoJeC
You need a powered usb hub. both to charge the tab as the U-Mix Control Pro

Re: Cross DJ + Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro 2

PostPosted: 29 May 2017, 09:11
by djtimoe
I have the following USB-Hub:
Ugreen 4 Ports Super Speed USB 3.0 HUB with Micro usb 2.0 OTG with an external power supply. ... YQiLft1eiK

It's working - except sound on headphone...

"Advanced Settings - Audio settings": no pre-cuing device detected...
Do I need a special cable to connect the tablet with the USB-Hub? Or is this feature not supported via USB - only with an audio split-cable?

Re: Cross DJ + Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro 2

PostPosted: 14 Sep 2017, 10:51
by tobitobsn

hopefully you got the system up and running in the meantime. For Info: Android is not ready to support Audio Streams over USB yet :( So you need an Audio Split Cable and there is no Function for Headphone/Master Output on Android whit U-Mix Control Pro 2.

But: All over things should work!

I work with the CrossDj App on Android 2 years now and i just bought an U-Mix Control Pro 2 System to have some Faders to grab because with touchscreens you get some mistakes because of the screens not realizing when mixing fast...

But i have some problems with the app.
1. When i rotate the media wheel to choose songs the app crashes reagularly! :(
2. Also my pitch slider is on 100% pitch although the setting is on 16%.
3. And when i turn the FX Select Knob shouldn't there be a short display of the choosen effect in the app becuase otherwise i dont know what effect is on until i hear it and this could be too late on a live session!

And one of the biggest issues to me: when i plug the control pro 2 to my tablet there is no setting in the app for that! WTF?! It is the promoted Set of mixvibes (App + Control Pro2) so why there is no good support for that in the app??

Re: Cross DJ + Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro 2

PostPosted: 14 Sep 2017, 14:34
by RoJeC
Hi, welcome to mixvibes.
Audio via USB is supported by latest Android versions.

There have never been any packages with UMCP2 and any Cross app (android nor iOS). Only UMCP2 and PC/Mac version of Cross.

That being said the UMCP2 should work with the Android and iOS version regarding MIDI.

You don't mention using a powered USB hub between U-Mix Control Pro 2 and the tablet. This avoids having your tablet battery getting drained quickly which may result into connectivity problems. Also you won't be able to charge without disconnecting.

In advanced settings you can find the button to connect in case it hasn't been done automatically.

Please be aware over 1000 different Android versions exist. So please provide some info on the version you're using.

It will not be possible to add a 'message' screen for the set FX. You'll have to switch to the FX page yourself. If a message would show up that would mean a part of the screen loses control of the current active 'page' so if you're manual spinning and use the other hand to activate FX via UMCP2 your spinning is disrupted which likely is unwanted.

Please recofirm the other issues if you're using a powered USB hub. As these seem buggy behaviour....

Re: Cross DJ + Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro 2

PostPosted: 14 Sep 2017, 22:47
by tobitobsn

Audio via USB is possible? This is cool!

To the Facts:
i have a Samsung Tablet Galaxy Tab A SM-T580 with Android 7.0.
I have a USB-OTG Adapter for connection with UMCP2 and USB Power Supply.
The App Version is 3.1.3.
Btw. My Smartphone (Android 7.1.1) wont even recognize the UCMP2.

When i connect the UCMP2 with the tablet and the app is started i get the info that UCMP2 is successfully connected but i dont find any button (no MIDI info nor UCMP2 controlpanel thing) in the advanced settings area to connect. As i saw i a video there should be a button "Connect to MIDI device". This button wont show up.

Also when i connect a headphone to the UCMP2 sometimes the tablet freezes and no sound comes from the headphone. I need so connect the headphone directly with the tablet to hear something. So i guess my tablet with Android 7 wont send audio through USB...

When i move the Pitchfader, it speeds up or slow down for 100% This is far to much!

But mostly the App crashes when i turn buttons on the UCMP2. So where is the Problem...

Could it be that the problem is the USB-OTG Adapter and the power supply. Should i use an special power supply for the UCMP2?

Re: Cross DJ + Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro 2

PostPosted: 18 Sep 2017, 15:13
by tobitobsn
I just returned the UMCP2 to the dealer. The App constantly crashes and the Support wont respond. :(

Re: Cross DJ + Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro 2

PostPosted: 18 Sep 2017, 18:32
by HawnSolo
Sorry you felt you had to return the UMCP2. Since it is a legacy product Mixvibes no longer provides support for it.

It seemed like you may have had a faulty product, since I haven't seen any other reports of constant crashing when turning a knob or pressing a button.

As RoJeC said, there are many Android devices with many different Android OS versions. This can make things difficult to diagnose. Then you add in the USB OTG cable and powered USB hub and those can create issues if damaged or poorly made.

Also I saw that the djtimoe is using Cross DJ Pro but didn't see you mention which version you are using. Cross DJ Free does not support MIDI control.

Regarding there being no 'Connect MIDI Controller" option in the settings, MIDI should be plug and play in Android 6+ so the option to enable MIDI is no longer needed.