Acces to external sd card in folder search

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Acces to external sd card in folder search

Postby D-JEFF on 29 Apr 2017, 09:49

I'm using Cross DJ 3.1.2 on an android 5.1.1 tablet.

I always used the folder view on my exernal sd as I'm mixing on folders I've been using for years...

Now I cannot access anymore my files in folder view although they are listed in Local Library !!! artists/album/...

It's really not convenient for me as I created folders for the purpose to manage them, shuffle play,...

Previously, I had to go to /storage/ext/....... to access external sd, now in folder view it seems I'm one level below : /storage/emulated/0 and thus I'm unable to go to external car.

In file explorer from android, no problem to go on second external card.

Am i Missing smth ? The access to sd card is no more available in folder search ?

Help is very welcome as I passed days to search back that option that worked fine since I bought cross-dj years ago...

Actually, the folder search on sd WAS the reason I chose Cross-dj, the others apps didn't...

Thank you
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