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Stereo output to external mixer

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2017, 22:33
by Motionsdj
I am new to Cross DJ for Android and am using from a 10" touch screen tablet. I am however not new to being a professional DJ. 25 years and going strong. I am completely blown away by how diverse and functional Cross DJ is. This is not my primary source for playback. Basically using as a hot start backup.

I've read some of the tech tips and watched the popular youtube video for connecting to external mixer via a 3.5mm splitter or y adapter and selecting the mixer option. Very simple but I must be missing something. The video clearly shows simple connections to external mixer with deck 1 and 2 on separate mixer channels and clearly shows the mixer line levels having stereo input/output not mono.

When I try this all I get is mono output through the y connector. Mind you I'm using a stereo y adapter not a stereo splitter converting stereo to mono. I can achieve stereo output if I use the normal setting but that puts deck 1 and 2 combined on one external mixer channel which is ok for a back up I guess. It's always been my understanding that a Y adapter takes a 3.5mm stereo output and thus gives you two separate stereo outs for connectivity to external mixers.
Am I missing something or have this backwards?
Here is the video in question. This is what I want accomplish but in stereo not mono.

Re: Stereo output to external mixer

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2017, 23:02
by daniel clark
If you go into settings in software the audio selection has a selection for external mixer ,,
have you tried this :?:
still think this is not going to solve your issue ,,somewhere in my head you are suspose to use a DJ splitter that seperates the signal in to two mono outputs for master on one side and monitor on other ,,this might be for a alternative set up ,, :eek:

also with the latest android os it support better audio out puts to use as you are trying . the earlier os didnt

Re: Stereo output to external mixer

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2017, 04:06
by DJ Vintage
Not sure if it's the same for Android, but I think it is.

For my iPad/iPhone I have a DJ! splitter connector like this: ... a-keyring/

and also in my DJ cable gear I have one of these:

These are, as said, DJ splitter cables.

They take the left output from the headphone socket and translate that to false stereo (is mono but on both channels) in one output and does the same with the right output. So you end up with two different mono signals coming out of the outputs, yet in L+R, so both speakers or sides of a headphone have sound (again mono).

Clearly if the software allows you to set the output to deck 1 / deck 2 output for use with external mixer, you'll get that as output instead of main/headphones.
You run 3.5mm to stereo rca cables from the splitter to both mixer channels and off you go.

Any other kind of splitter won't work as it's wired in a different fashion.

Hope that helps some. Just my 2 cents as usual.