Where is the Main-Folder ?

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Where is the Main-Folder ?

Postby Bamenohl on 25 Jan 2017, 14:51

Hey, I'm new here.

It's the first Time with this APP.
My Problem is, that all Audio-Track of my Phone are listed in the APP.
(I don't want to mix Audio-Books :D )
But I only want to see the Audio-Tracks from the Folder "Music" of the SD-Micro-Card. :biggrin:
AND. If I go to the "Folder-Explorer" I can only see the Audio Files of my Phone-Memmory. I Can't see the SD-Card. :rolleyes:

I hope you understand, what I want
and that you can help me.

Thank You.

:right: P.s.: Excuse me for my bad English. :left:
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Re: Where is the Main-Folder ?

Postby RoJeC on 25 Jan 2017, 21:58

Cross gets the tracks from the Android Mediastore.

The mediastore frequently checks your device for present tracks. If you can't see tracks from SD in Cross than it's most likely the mediastore hasn't added them yet.

Please be aware that when you remove your SD card while your phone is powered on the mediastore will be updateby removing all SD card located tracks.

If you can't see tracks in Cross AND you can't see the SD folder then there is a fair chance your SD card isn't seen by Android.

In Cross it's not possible to restrict this. Your alternative could be to create a play list holding the tracks you want.


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