MIDI support for Reloop Mixtour

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MIDI support for Reloop Mixtour

Postby Marcel Assink on 08 Mar 2016, 01:30

Will you be able to make MIDI compatibility with the new MIDI controller Reloop Mixtour?
I bought that one, but only works with DJay2.
I really love Cross DJ much better
in the next Marshmallow update of Android there is better MIDI implementation and better USB audio support

Greetz from the Netherlands
DJ Marcel
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Marcel Assink
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Re: MIDI support for Reloop Mixtour

Postby jga303 on 22 Apr 2016, 15:12

'Dag Marcel !
I'm going to receive my Mixtour next week. I also want to MIDI map to Cross DJ. If no one has done it before, I will work on it and post my results (MIDI mapping for the Mixtour) if I succeed...
If you already try some MIDI map that work, welcome to share it with community.
jga/from switzerland
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Re: MIDI support for Reloop Mixtour

Postby MakioDJ on 27 Apr 2016, 15:39

Hallo JGA, Hallo Marcel .... very interested in the "self made mapping". Do you really think it is achievable ?
I tried several ANDROID APP for DJ (in PRO Full Versione) and Mixvibes remain my best love. I am mostly able to make a turntablism on this up. Really by rewinding deck and switching from two turntable. It is perfect at touch and reactive. Other app are not so perfect. The only function I complain is the Cross fader. I cant simulate in the app what you do with a real harware. For this reason I am very interested in the RELOOP MIXTOUR. Little and portable. If you achive your mapping goal please advice!!!
Basicly it would be great to have the Fader function with the lowest latency possible.
Thanks and congratulate ....
.. scratch it ...
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Re: MIDI support for Reloop Mixtour

Postby MakioDJ on 27 Apr 2016, 23:33

For example.... imagine that crossdj could work with this amazing tool.... The Mixfader. It is only a bluetooth fader that can control a DJ app.
Is this mappable???
I would really enjoy!!!!
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Re: MIDI support for Reloop Mixtour

Postby sirplex on 30 Oct 2016, 17:27

Hi, fellow CrossDjAndroid users,

My sympathies: I don't get the logic of the Mixvibes developers. On one hand they create an Android app, obviously focused on mobile DJ's using Android phones and tablets, on the other hand they create MIDI maps for U-Mix (not available anymore), the WeGo2 (difficult to find) and the SB2, none of which qualify to be truly portable controllers. Hiding behind the argument of non-supporting OS or OTG requirements doesn't quite cut it either, since the competition seems to do fairly well, see e.g. Algoriddim with the Mixtour.

Strangely enough, there seems to be more of a focus onto Windows PC's being supported by Cross than for Android machines. Is it so more difficult to create MIDI maps for Android with less functionalities than the counterpart on Windows PC's? :rolleyes:

Since I really like Cross DJ, I'd hate to have to change to another app only because there isn't MIDI support for anything portable for the time being. :cry:

Currently I am using a Huawei mediapad 3, Android M with 4GB RAM and an older Asus Transformer TF303 with Jelly Bean either hooked up straight away with a splitter cable or using the iRig Mixer. This is what I call portable.
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Re: MIDI support for Reloop Mixtour

Postby Tepi on 11 Nov 2016, 01:38

I just purchased a Reloop Mixtour as well and was disappointed in the Djay app for android in comparison to Cross DJ. :frown:

I'd like to switch to using mainly Cross DJ with the support of Reloop Mixtour.

Any chance of that still happening or is the development of the Android platform app MIDI controller support not high priority enough to get this done? :confused:
I'm sure that better MIDI controller support would attract more customers as well. :cool:
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