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Re: Re-Analyse every time Cross DJ starts up

PostPosted: 09 Jan 2016, 21:30
by daniel clark
:eek: after updating to 3.0 ,didnt have to reanylise for a couple/three /four start ups :mrgreen: ,,thought alls well and good ,, then started up and had major issues ,, found that collection had doubled in size and couple of times went to play and all i got was spinning circle ,, well keep playing around with it ,,got it playing ,,anylised was still there but 2040 songs :eek: instead of 1240 originaly on sd card ,, ,,checked card for music downloaded by connecting via usb to computer ,,no duplicated on card ,, but Cross was seeing double ,, check music playing app on tablet ,,wasnt working now ,, removed sd card and checked by sd card reader ,, so not shure whats going on ,, also start up with sd card out shows 1240 song now in Cross but spinning wheel in track load section ,,understandable since songs not there with card out ,, think this is a tablet issur rather than Cross app ,, what fun :mrgreen: gonna put sd card back in after updating the song collection ,,then see whats going on then ,, :cool: