DDJ WeGo3 with 10.5" Samsung Galaxy Tab S (SM-TE805)

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DDJ WeGo3 with 10.5" Samsung Galaxy Tab S (SM-TE805)

Postby sumano on 27 Nov 2015, 10:17

Hi all,

I have a question concerning Cross DJ for Android, that I'm using with a 10.5" Samsung Galaxy Tab S (SM-TE805) 4G+LTE.
Now I'm thinking to buy a controller...and I've seen a lot of reviews and forum messages concerning this...and my choice is fallen on
Pioneer controller DDJ WeGo3 that now seems to be compatible...

Now, honestly...can you tell me your opinions :
- Is it COMPLETELY compatible with your Cross DJ for Android ?
- All the functions of Cross DJ can be used directly by the controller...without touching the tablet ?
- The headphones audio and the mixed audio exit (that after, goes into my amplifier) are taken directly from the console or I have to use again the split cable (like I do now, that is I have mono and not stereo channels <stereo sound is not extremely important for me> ) ?
- If I follow the video instructions for WeGo2 (with USB OTG cable, USB powered HUB, and so on...), the Tablet receives also the energy (the 5V power) for the charging of its battery....or plays for 1-2 ours and after battery dies ??
I've seen that WeGo3 controller has an USB slot...with this is it possible connect and give power to my Android tablet ?

Have you some experiences of friends that use a tablet like mine (SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S 10.5") ?
I'm not really sure that my 10.5" tablet fit into the slot (that has been designed for Apple iPad 10"...that seems to be a little bit smaller...1 or 2 mm. less then my tablet width)
if somebody plays Cross DJ with Pioneer WeGo2...please tell me if it works well and let me know the width of the slot of this one, thank you.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.
A nice day to everybody.
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Re: DDJ WeGo3 with 10.5" Samsung Galaxy Tab S (SM-TE805)

Postby daniel clark on 27 Nov 2015, 14:29

:cool: the first thing to check is that the tablet has otg host support ,, ,the controller will not connect to the tablet if this is not possible , recommend getting this main point set up and then maybe trying to get it to a controller to verfiy the functionality of the set up ,, ie setting up the otg in the tablet and useing a controller at the retailer to see it function ,,
reason ,, got a releativly free tablet ,, found out otg host is not supported and info as to being able to root is not clear,,so no monie not lost in endeveor :eek:
too my knowledge the audio set up will still involve the use of the DJ splitter cable ,,since to my knowledge the audio hasnt evolved to the point of sending it out over the micro usb connection ,,maybe one day ,, plus Cross DJ app for android is not set up for such
hope this helps with some of your concerns ,,
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Re: DDJ WeGo3 with 10.5" Samsung Galaxy Tab S (SM-TE805)

Postby sumano on 30 Nov 2015, 09:54

Hello Daniel, many thanks for your answer.

I Never had issues with Cross DJ Android and with my SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S 10.5", it plays PERFECTLY (on the tablet) and my tablet supports OTG (I have already an OTG cable, the audio splitter cable, and also a powered USB hub)

Now I hope to find someone that has a Tablet like mine and plays music with Pioneer WeGo3....because I want also know if the tablet fit into the slot of the WeGo3 (it seems that WeGo2 has a slot larger than Wego2)

The purpose of my questions is to buy a really compatible controller...if WeGo3 is not 100% compatible...I'll buy a WeGo2
Thank you very much again Daniel, have a good day.
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