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problems after updating to v2.3.5

PostPosted: 09 Aug 2015, 03:41
by meeotch
Just upgraded to Cross DJ Pro v2.3.5, and was more than a little dismayed to find my library empty, and all of my playlists giving the message "This playlist does not contain any tracks" when selected.

I can only imagine this means all my saved cue points are gone as well. I haven't moved or deleted any music on my device.

Is there any way of restoring this stuff?

And bonus question: Didn't there use to be a "Folders" tab in the library, along with Playlists/Songs/Albums/etc.? Now it seems that you have to go into the "hamburger" (three lines) menu to get to your folders.

Re: problems after updating to v2.3.5

PostPosted: 09 Aug 2015, 04:38
by meeotch
o.k. - some further info. I discovered that the stock music player on my device was not showing any tracks, either. So I triggered a media re-scan by clearing the data for the music player (*not* Cross DJ's data). All of the missing music was found, and showed up in the player.

So I re-opened Cross DJ. Sadly, it still seems to have forgotten everything it knew about those tracks. The playlists are still empty, and loading the tracks into Cross shows that the cue points are gone & the bpm, etc. info needs to be re-calculated. This despite the fact that all of the tracks are exactly in the same place that they were when Cross knew about them before.

Wow - that's a *ton* of manual labor down the drain. I've got to say, letting Android manage the track database (and doing it in such a way that Cross isn't able to re-link its own cue/bpm/playlist/etc. info in the event that the track db is corrupted or rebuilt) is a terrible, terrible decision. It's like trying to save money on parking by giving your car keys to a different stranger every night and telling them, "Just bring it back in the morning, 'cause I gotta get to work."