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porting to BlackBerry10

Postby fred von null on 21 Feb 2014, 17:13

Hi all!

I have asked on your Google+ post for a few minutes but I would ask here again!

I have bought Cross DJ in Google Play Store for my BlackBerry Z30! It is fully supported and it works very well but some things are tricky!

If i'm using Equalizer or effects it glitches for second! This is not hardware specific problem from my device and the BlackBerry OS has the lowest latency and real time OS on this planet!

BlackBerry supports direkt install of apk Files without any converting job but a native app or good port to BlackBerry 10 would be working better than the android app!

It would be really really cool to see an good port in BlackBerry World or a native app for BlackBerry 10! Ask your Dev's, the way is simple and easy for any coding freak! ;) please don't forget the USB support it is fully supported too and I will play with my controller and Cross! (hopefully you write a MIDI mapping for Reloop MixageIE in future)

Well, I must paid again for this beautiful app but it worth every penny!

Please let me know if I can help with contact to BlackBerry, let me know please!
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