Pitch Control Sliders rate will not change?

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Pitch Control Sliders rate will not change?

Postby The147Man on 21 Dec 2013, 00:37


Using the Android app on my Nexus 10 and love it so far. One thing keeps bugging me though: the pitch control slider range is set from -100% to +100% and I can not change it.

I know in the advanced settings there is an option where you can set it to 2%, 4% or 8% but unfortunately this does not work for me. It stays at -100% - + 100%. Any thoughts on this are appreciated, because obviously a range from -100% to +100% renders these slider controls useless. Even the slightest movement of the slider changes the BPM with 5 full points or so...
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Re: Pitch Control Sliders rate will not change?

Postby Nordhal on 06 Jan 2014, 14:53

Hi The147Man,

It should be changed in the next release.

In the settings, you can set the bend value to 2% 4% or 8%, it is not the pitch range.

The pitch bend occurs when you hold the finger in the center of the jog and you go right or left. You'll see the pitch go up/down 2,4,8% from its value.
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