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IPADS no longer detected by MIX2GO PRO (iPhone works fine)

PostPosted: 21 Feb 2021, 20:45
by thefrisk89
I have a mix2go pro that was working fine for weeks straight with this very iPad. One day it simply stopped working with iPad and now only works with my iPhone. When I plug in the phone (both iPad and iPhone 14.4) it detects the Cross DJ software flawlessly... when I plug in iPad it says nothing but "not charging" on top by battery icon and there is no "MIDI detected message". This is INCREDIBLY frustrating since I purchased an iPad for the unit, AS WELL AS purchased the Cross DJ APP. Not a thing has changed with the iPad as well as the MIX2GO Pro unit, it simply stopped working. I've tried multiple cables... and that doesnt explain the iPhone. Again I can use an iPhone with the app FLAWLESSLY, any cable.