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Cross DJ iOS and Airplay 2?

PostPosted: 03 Jun 2020, 07:57
by Chirro
Hello, yesterday I upgrade my Apple Airport Express with last firmware version to have Airplay 2 support, thinking that perhaps the latency will be less enough to be useable.

In my old IPads (2 and 3) that not support Airplay 2, the things are the same, as expected, but in my iPad Air 2 with last version of IPadOS there is some funny behaviour.

All the apps that I have tried (Apple music, Serato Pyros, etc.) emit its audio signal across Airplay in the same way that before (about 2 seconds of latency, so not useable) BUT Cross DJ Pro doesn't do. The airplay device is connected right (the rest of the apps work well) but the sound from Cross DJ Pro is only coming from the iPad speakers.

Does anybody know a solution for this? Is a reported bug?

I will try to send this message to MIxvibes support, but I know it will be complicated.

See you.


Re: Cross DJ iOS and Airplay 2?

PostPosted: 03 Jun 2020, 09:00
by RoJeC
Don't know why Cross doesn't 'connect' to the AE.

Just to be more specfic: the 2secs delay is not rely 'latency' as this is termonology for the 'creation' of the soundstream in a soundcard.

The AE has it's own 'safety' buffer of appx 2secs which is used to cover connection issues. AFAIK there is no work around for this. If so you need to modify it in the AE app.

Re: Cross DJ iOS and Airplay 2?

PostPosted: 03 Jun 2020, 10:23
by Chirro
Thanks RoJeC for your response. I was trying Airplay for making DJ, but, at least in my system, is impossible.

It's curious that this strange behaviour is happen only in iPad Air 2, the only iPad that I have capable of working with Airplay 2. The older ones (only can work with Airplay 1) are doing its job.

I am almost sure that before upgrading the Airport Express router, I was able to send Cross DJ sound via Airplay.